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Состоялось крупнейшее бесплатное (!) обновление Bitwig Studio – 2.3!
Остальные подробности отдельными постами.

Вот небольшой списочек изменений:

NEW Phase-4 Synthesizer.
NEW Instrument and FX Selector Devices.
NEW Voice Stacking and Voice Stack Modulator.
NEW Zplane Elastique time-stretching engines in three flavours.
NEW Time-stretching mode: “Slice”.
NEW Retro time-stretching mode: “Cyclic”.
NEW Formant note expressions (time stretching modes Slice, Cyclic and Elastique Pro).
NEW Coloured indication of stretch amount between beat markers in audio editor (no color means neutral playback).
NEW Time Signature Changes.
NEW Expanded Device View.
NEW Preference to enable
NEW Added a preference entry to reverse the direction when zoom-dragging the mouse.
NEW Open Sound Control API for extensions.
IMPROVED Updated English user guide with v2.3 features.
IMPROVED Oscilloscope: Trigger on Notes now follow wave cycles according to the pitch.
IMPROVED Add command for setting loop region to selected region (Ctrl
IMPROVED Indexed Controls can now be mapped with the action “Cycle Next” and “Cycle Previous”.
IMPROVED Mapping an enumerated control (like a filter type or effect selector index) to a button
IMPROVED Automation override gets turned on for a parameter when changing it even though there is no automation on the arranger and arranger is playing sometimes.
IMPROVED ControlSurfaceAPI: Device.isWindowOpen() works with BitwigStudio devices.
IMPROVED Added border to our windows which provide better contrast to the outside and indicate if the window has focus.
IMPROVED Show modulation mapping on modulation source mouse-over.
IMPROVED Allow to remove projects from recent projects list.
IMPROVED Order of collections in the package manager was random.
IMPROVED Remove the minimize button from any floating window.
IMPROVED Automation is now updated when setting the play start marker of the transport (when stopped).
IMPROVED Recording clips from clip launcher to arranger could sometimes record incorrectly when the start marker in the clip was not at time 0.
IMPROVED Preview player should stretch according to the long
IMPROVED Add track color on the layered header when editing multiple audio layers in track view.
IMPROVED Add information to the manual about real time bouncing (eg when using hardware instruments and effects).
IMPROVED If the audio engine has an error writing an audio file while recording show this to the user as a notification.
IMPROVED You can now choose between onsets and a fixed rate for stretch modes transient preservation.
IMPROVED ControlSurfaceAPI: add color setting.
IMPROVED Hold mode for the random modulator.
IMPROVED APC40 MKII: record toggles clip overdub and session toggles clip automation recording.
FIXED Recording audio on the arranger in a loop results in audio clips not having the duration of the loop.
FIXED Drum machine only has 127 slices while it could have 128.
FIXED track name in VST GUI window title not updated when moving VST to another track.
FIXED ControlSurfaceAPI: Device.hasSlot() was returning true only if the slot had chains.
FIXED Under certain circumstances an extra note will be played outside clip boundaries.
FIXED Send settings pre and post are lost when duplicating or copy
FIXED On a retina screen, you can resize the dsp graph window bigger than available data frames.
FIXED Device that contains missing modulator causes app crash when clicking the modulator slot.
FIXED Pulse audio output not working by default on Ubuntu systems.
FIXED It should not be possible to slide the waveform under the first or last beat marker.
FIXED Activating the engine for one project while another is playing asks user and selecting no left engine spinning wheel.
FIXED ALSA audio backend may allow user to choose some buffer sizes that are not supported.
FIXED Using double height cells on the clip launcher in the mixer view caused files to be dropped to the wrong scene when dragging to a new track.
FIXED Onset analysis could fail randomly.
FIXED Selected beat markers don’t appear selected while dragging.
FIXED Transpose expression zoom-scrollbar does not line up with timeline content by default in audio editor.
FIXED Run out of memory if a script writes lots of messages to the console window.
FIXED Controller API: Scrolling a bank by pages would not scroll by exactly one page if there was not a full page of items to show.
FIXED Steps Modulator doesn’t work in “Loop off” mode, always loops.
FIXED MIDI Modulator has no Omni mode, which leads into trouble when used inside of a Instrument Selector Layer with MPE.
FIXED Crash when closing project while having meta clip selected.
FIXED Better timeline grid contrast.
FIXED Tags not saved when adding tag by pressing space bar instead of enter.
FIXED Controller help documentation does not open anymore for the Keylab scripts.
FIXED Default stretch mode on record remains on “Stretch”.
FIXED Scaling an audio clip by 50% or 200% could crash the engine and cause problems on undo or redo.
FIXED Program changes don’t work for VST3 plugins.
FIXED 25 frames MTC only really sends 25 frames when being freshly selected.
FIXED Clicking on an invalid wav file in the browser stopped the browser preview player from being able to play any other selected files.
FIXED When editing device page for an instrument layer it is possible to map to a control in a layer chain mixer.
FIXED Regression since 2.2: Issues with the Arturia Keylab scripts.
FIXED LFO modulator in instrument selector sleeps if not being in focus.
FIXED Changing the EQ parameters using the mouse wheel creates thousands of undo steps.
FIXED Queued arranger playback jumps (scheduled by double clicking in the timeline ruler) sometimes do not fire.
FIXED A controller with no mappings should not show itself in the mapping browser.
FIXED ControlSurfaceAPI: clip notes don’t show their full length.
FIXED Clips in arranger start numbering at 0 instead of 1.
FIXED Duplicating a device might not initialize polyphonic modulations properly in certain case.
FIXED Clip launcher clips could leave their loop region if the arranger loop button is on.
FIXED Crashed when hitting the escape key in the sample zone editor.
FIXED Minimizing a window may cause a crash on macOS High Sierra depending on selected display profile.
FIXED Saved scenes and clips are not played back with their configured tempo when previewing.
FIXED Arranger does not repaint a clip when it’s displayed title changes.
FIXED Time selection in layered audio editor is always across all lanes when only single lanes are selected.
FIXED Deleting time in arranger note editor header area should affect clip timeline instead of clip content.
FIXED Raw mode’s “Play Stop” value doesn’t update in real time.
FIXED Wrong clip length for “return to arrangement” post recording action.
FIXED Timeline grid painting was slow when zoomed out and using a fixed-grid setting.
FIXED Painting of automation curves in GUI was inconsistent with engine playback.
FIXED Crash when trying to paint timeline background while closing project.
FIXED MIDI Running status was incorrect on Linux.
FIXED Various issues with MIDI Timecode.
FIXED When switching between projects while one is playing using the Jack backend unwanted audio could be output.
FIXED Jack server crashed sometimes when using Bitwig Studio.
FIXED A script that logged lots of information continuously could lock up the application.
FIXED Dragging the length of an audio event longer than the contained audio may delete parts of the following event.
FIXED Random engine crashes when switching audio system and devices in the audio preferences.
FIXED Floating windows and popup windows stopped the keyboard shortcuts for transport play, undo and redo to stop working.
FIXED When bouncing or recording audio embed time stretch information into the wav files so that they are always correctly time stretched when they are used in Bitwig Studio.

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  1. Алексей, да. в 2.3 завезли опцию. Но ты переоцениваешь важность этой функции. Привыкаешь за пару дней.

  2. Заодно вопрос к опытным: возможно ли сделать инверсию движения, которое приближает Можно ли настроить наоборот?

  3. Раскошеливаемся, ребятки. Хотя десятка за такой шедевер – это не деньги даже

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